When I was 15, I decided to focus everything on, and make it my lifes goal, to heal. I was at rock bottom having severe PTSD. In all that I have tested over the years, all that I found that help heal, when looking deeper, uncovered to build on the same basic healing ideas about life. It turned out that I had found Omnitropi.

Omnitropi has grown out of a combination of three elements. Each one alone has saved my life.

Holotropic Breathwork

Non violent communication (NVC)

Healthy living in accordance with Rhonda Patrick and the Wahls protocol.

Holotropic Breathwork was developed by the psychiatrist Stanislav Grof when he was forbitten to work with LSD, and is a therapeutic breathwork technique, that naturally leads to an expanded state of mind that is like a low dose of LSD.

NVC was developed by Marshall Rosenberg and is a form of inner and outer conflict management.

Dr. Terry Wahls is a medical doctor who has healed herself from Multiple Sclerosis and Dr. Rhonda Patrick has a Ph.D. in nutrition.

Omnitropi is a natural way of going into an expanded state of mind in a healing social setting. But, in contrast to drugs, it is you who are in full control. At any given point you can choose to return to just being in your everyday consciousness, and you fully control the power of what is happening, and your psyche only opens up to what feels safe to contain here and now.

The more you try this method, the easier it is for you also in your everyday life, to go into an expanded state of mind, when it is needed or if you wish to. Ex. when cooperating with your body that starts to shake and hyperventilate after an accident, or when giving birth, or just in general not to flee from when you feel discomfort, but be able to stay in it, and be constructive and find solutions you feel good about, but also not to have to take any substances to get high, because you get more and more acces to how to do it naturally. Omnitropi expands the ability to be in strong emotions and extreme conditions, good and bad, and be centered, calm and constructive, as ex. seen by how Wim Hof (also called The Iceman).

This is the deepest healing method I know. With therapy that uses language as the basic tool you can reach the level of what is stored in language, so it is not possible to have access to stuff stored from you are younger than about two years, and it is common knowledge in the world of psychology, that the younger a person is the more what ever they experience, sets its mark, for good or bad. With Omnitropi you can ex. heal birth experiences, and the first years of your life. And, by healing your self, you also heal the world.

The social structure represented and lived by all at the workshop, gives tools for bringning more of paradise into your everyday life, by getting tools for meeting your self and others in a more contstructive way, cooperating towards the wellbeing of all.

You are welcome to come for a free introduction evening, to ask questions, and to get to know more, to better feel into, if this is something for you, to test.