About me:

I have studied philosophy, and love being a nerd and play with and explore social structures. I have a hobby of learning languages, I love nature, science, ethics,  philosophy, politics and psychology.

I have participated in Holotropic Breathwork session over a 100 times. Tools developed from NVC has been as a core in my life since I was 21. I am passionete about living healthy, ex. with paleo food principles, that has been present since I was a child, growing up with a Greenlandic stepdad.

When I live in the social structures that are in Omnitropi, I am completely symptom free from PTSD and love life.

To my experience, the social structures used in Omnitropi, is what is needed to make sure that neglect and violation is not possible. And opposite, when these social structures are not in place, war and the like, is possible. So, I see PTSD as a healthy build in warning system, that tells, whether the current social structures that one is in right now, if they are structures for creating paradise, or for hell.

I have come a long way in healing severe nerve pains and I am walking again after a traffic accidence. After the operation, it turned out that conventional medicin could not help me any futher.

So, I have daily been using the tools from Omntropi, to deal with despair when hope is lost, and to be able to stay constructive, when being in strong pain, and see and manage brain fog, while cooperating with my surroundings and systematically testing leaving out or taking in new nutrients or components, now being on what to many seems like an extreme diet. And it works.

Many people say, that I must have extreme self discipline. But the fact of the matter is that the reason I am able to be so systematic and stick to what I decide to test, is that I do not use self discipline.

Self discipline is to me just another word for inner conflict.One part is disciplining another part of yourself, and you are suppressing the "bad" side of your self.

In other words: Constant inner war.

In stead, when I have conflicting interests, I use inner conflict management, and go into a constructive dialog with all parts of my interests, and then find a solution, that all parts of me, feel really good about testing. So, I can do these diets etc. because I want to, meaning: All of me wants to, no part of me is working against me, because I have done the inner conflict management work, when ever needed.

I do meet with people one on one, and help them learn how to do inner conflict management.

About Omnitropi:

Omnitropi, gives space to whatever is first in line, longing to be contained and healed in our life, right now.

A Stronger Breath, makes room to contain stronger emotions, while staying mentally clear and present.

This seems to be true for all the life forms; a cat giving birth, animals having sex, animals after having survived an attack, a child crying, a person i strong psychological pain, or ex. when I had a severer traffic accident, my body just started hyperventilating and shaking, and letting this happen made me able to fully focuse and cooperate.

The extra oxygen you get, also seems to be healthy for your physiology (ex. look up oxygen campers on the internet).

If you have to push yourself to hyperventilate, I think it is because you might not be feeling completely well about something in the present situation. It is therefore a possibility to explore, be curious and open, and ask yourself what it might be. Getting the answer is a gift, that teaches something about who you are and what you need to be safe and thrive.

Omnitropi needs a completely cleared contact to function. If anyone has lies between them and another person present, or they have anything that bothers them in regards to one of the other people present, and is not out in the open, it will effectively block the ability to go into the expanded realm. 

Tools from NVC, that is a form of conflict management, is used to create the social setting, by either find a solution now, or park the conflict for later, or if needed, pause the contact, to secure a completely honest, genuin, present and safe space.

So I follow up in the days after the workshop, to see if anything that can be learned from has come to our attention, and to work to make sure the contact is cleared for another round.