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All newcomers need to first attend an introduction evening. The dream is that tere is one workshop a month, and about one introduction evening a month, but reality has for a longer time been that I need to focus all my time and energy on getting well and heal from the nerve pains and brain fog.

At the introduction evening you can probably meet some of the other people who are going to participate at a workshop, meet me, and see the venue, and I go through in depth how the method works, and you can ask all the questions you might need to clear, to be able to feel into, if this method is for you.

The workshop day is from 11 to 22.

We will be between 2 and 13 persons. 

We start by having a couple of hours of introduction and making of social contract and getting to know each other for the workshop.

During the workshop you are all the time either the one traveling or a person securing the social setting. Each person gets up to three hours of inner traveling followed by time to land and digest in silence ex through drawing or writing or just sitting and eating and maybe sharing, and then the roles are switched.

You bring your own food for the day, and at the end of the day we all have a putlock. All food must be what you consider healthy for you and the planet, be organic and without milkproducts, grains or added sugar.

Part of the workshop, is to find out together, what we would like to donate. A basic idea for the workshops, is that all people in the contact are equally responsible for all other people in the contact. So, try to find out what you think is fair, towards you and me, that you give for me giving the workshop, and send me your thoughts, and I will then see, if I think it is fair towards you and me, and if we agree, you have a spot on the next workshop. 


In Denmark a Holotropic Breathwork session costs about 1250 DKK (1785 SEK). I have paid about that amount, for each my about 100 breathwork sessions.

I think all humans are equally much worth, and therefore that your time is equal to my time, so the basic idea is to pay me the same an hour that you get your self when payed for your job.

One workshop is two weeks of full time focused work for me. We can be max 8 people at a workshop, so, if you take what you have of an income a month, and part it with 16, then I would have the same income a month as you, if I do two workshops a month with 8 people at each. (right now I am doing one a month with about 4 people, this is what I can manage while healing) If money is a problem, it is possible to pay by helping out with pratical stuff (ex gardening).

If you have to cancel less than a week in advance, you will get half your money back, if it is less than 24 hours before, there is no refund.

You can also pay for the workshop by donating some or all of the money to or If you donate to me, the money will be used to pay off my debt from my about 100 holotropic breathwork sessions and therapy/NVC/nutrition hours, or if used on buying stuff, it is very close to 100% that I only buy either organic, second hand or eco labled with the nordic swan.